Abilene Stories:
From Then to Now

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Glenn Dromgoole, Jay Moore, and Joe W. Specht

ISBN 978-0-89112-368-2

356 ppg

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A collection of fascinating and colorful stories spanning the history of Abilene, Texas.

Although Abilene has long lived in the shadows of the literary limelight, it has not been for a lack of good writing, good writers, and interesting stories. Now coming out of the shadows, Abilene Stories: From Then to Now offers a community scrapbook, a gathering of the civic congregation where more than a hundred friends have stopped by for a visit. The laughter is heavy and the smiles broad as stories are told and memories jogged.

Pull up a chair next to Katharyn Duff as she shares a few historical chestnuts. Give your attention to Miss Tommie Clack for a ringside seat to the past. Step into the poetry of those who know this place well and a few who just observed it in passing. Appreciate the sharp insight of Pulitzer-nominated Frank Grimes, and listen for the personal element which A.C. Greene wove into nearly all of his writings.

The collection begins with stories from before Abilene was Abilene and proceeds chronologically and topically to the present day with such pieces as "Let Them Eat Cactus," "A Hanging in Abilene," "Too Much Jazz and Not Enough Jesus," "How Camp Barkeley Shaped Abilene," "Alligator on the Loose," "Howitzer on the Hill," "Circlin' Mack's," "The Crape Myrtle Sex Scandal," and "The Last Day at Harold's."

If Abilene is your hometown, or ever has been--that place where you feel completely comfortable, where you know the routine and breathe easy, where the sunset is a familiar hue--Abilene Stories: From Then to Now is an invitation to sit down and spend a little time in what A.C. Greene called "The Village of My Heart."

About the Authors

GLENN DROMGOOLE, former editor of the Abilene Reporter-News, is the author of more than twenty books and founder of the West Texas Book Festival.

JAY MOORE is a native Abilenian and teaches history at Abilene High School. He is the creator of the documentary film series, History in Plain Sight.

JOE W. SPECHT is collection manager of the Grady McWhiney Research Foundation, author of The Women There Don't Treat You Mean: Abilene in Song, and co-editor, with the late Lawrence Clayton, of The Roots of Texas Music.

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