Unfinished Reconciliation:
Justice, Racism, and Churches of Christ, Revised and Expanded Edition

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Gary Holloway & John York

ISBN 978-0-89112-395-8

228 ppg

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A powerful collection of essays exploring the biblical themes of justice and reconciliation and their application to the institutional racism that has characterized American Churches of Christ.

Unfinished Reconciliation grew out of two conferences held ten years apart, the Biblical Preaching Seminar at Lipscomb University in May 2001, with the theme, "Preaching Social Justice," and the Christian Scholars Conference at Pepperdine University in June 2011. These academic conferences boldly faced the unsettling reality of racism in our churches. We are still divided by race, not united in Christ. In the decade between the conferences, much reconciliation took place, as evidenced by the last two chapters of the book. But much work still remains.

Contributors include Harold Shank, John Mark Hicks, Lee Camp, Douglas A. Foster, Kenneth R. Greene, Royce Money, and William Lofton Turner.

About the Editors

Gary Holloway is Executive Director of the World Convention of Churches of Christ (www.worldconvention.org). Holding degrees from the University of Texas and Emory University, he has written twenty-five books, including You Might Be Too Busy If...: Spiritual Practices for People in a Hurry (Leafwood) as well as several volumes in the Meditative Commentary Series (Leafwood).

John York is Associate Dean and Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program at Hazelip School of Theology, Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee. His writings include two works co-authored with Rubel Shelly, The Jesus Proposal and The Jesus Community. He is a frequent speaker at college lectureships and sermon seminars, and holds a PhD from Emory University in New Testament.