Building a Culture of Faith:
University-wide Partnerships for Spiritual Formation

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Cary Balzer and Rod Reed, editors

ISBN 978-0-89112-300-2

256 ppg

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A groundbreaking work on holistic spiritual formation in Christian higher education.

Contemporary Christian universities claim that students grow spiritually while enrolled, yet very little work has been done exploring the influences of various parts of the university on student spiritual formation, especially, but not limited to, the impact of faculty. Building a Culture of Faith addresses the unique role faculty and others play in student spiritual formation, including historical and contemporary approaches; sets out a framework for understanding spiritual formation as it is practiced in the Christian university; and provides practical models for the roles the university plays in the spiritual formation of students.

About the Author

Cary Balzer is the Director of Faculty Development at John Brown University, the J. V. McGee Chair of Theology, and an assistant professor.

Rod Reed has served as University Chaplain and Dean of Spiritual Formation at two different institutions since 1997, and was the Chair of the Campus Ministries Commission of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities from 2005-2009.