Coleman Springs, USA
Stories from a Small Town with a Generous Scoop of Good Will

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Glenn Dromgoole

ISBN 978-0-89112-319-4

144 ppg

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Longtime postmaster Mac Spearman introduces readers to some of the folks who live, work, play, and generally get along in the fictional small town of Coleman Springs.

Meet George Gibbons, the poet laureate of Coleman Springs. Pierce Brock, the singing barber. Dr. C. J. Fletcher, the short winded Presbyterian preacher. Convenience store owners Daniel Boone and Marshal Dillon, who came here from India. Wendy Day, the weekend weather forecaster. Father Dominic, who used to be Bob Smith of Montana before the war changed his life.

Mayor Drexel Bryant, retired admiral and presidential advisor. Lacy Curry, who has written postcards to every president since Ike. Bigboy Leonard, the largest man in town. Tiny Massingale, the second largest man in town. The Timms sisters, who created the Coleman Springs Ice Cream Festival, the town's major event. Broder Dawkins and his malodorous brother, Oder.

If Coleman Springs comes across as an idyllic little town, well,need some places like that these days, even if just in our dreams.

About the Author

GLENN DROMGOOLE is the author of twenty-four books, including A Small Town in Texas, The Power of a Penny, and What Dogs Teach Us. He founded the West Texas Book Festival and writes a newspaper column on Texas books. He and his wife Company in Abilene, Texas.