More Texas Stories I Like to Tell My Friends:
The Tales of Adventure and Intrigue Continue from the History of the Lone Star State

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T. Lindsay Baker

ISBN 978-0-89112-354-5

224 ppg

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MORE TEXAS STORIES continues the enticing collection of tales from Texas history that entertain while giving a greater understanding of the people and moments that have been a part of the Texas story.

This wonderful collection brings together snapshots through time of Texas's vivid history. T. Lindsay Baker's charismatic spirit brings to life moments long forgotten and never before told with stories like "The Cowboy and the First Lady," "Gunplay at Fastrill," "Ancient Gods in the Graveyard," and "Ruminations on Amarillo." In "G.I. Joe in the Texas Press," the story of a young soldier is recounted: "Writing at a time of rationed gasoline and rubber auto tires, another soldier placed the following classified advertisement in a Texas paper: 'Owner of 1940 Ford would like to correspond with widow who owns two tires; object, matrimony. He added, 'Send picture--of tires.'" These short stories from the 20th century will bring laughter, amazement, and good, old-fashioned fun to history and literature lovers alike.

About the Author

T. LINDSAY BAKER holds the W. K. Gordon Chair in Industrial History at Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas, and serves as the director of the W. K. Gordon Center for Industrial History at the Thurber ghost town near Mingus, Texas. Among other works, he is the author of Ghost Towns of Texas University of Oklahoma Press, 1991) and More Ghost Towns of Texas (OUP, 2003), and he is coeditor of the WPA Oklahoma Slave Narratives (OUP, 1996).