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Blue Ridge Encampment

Blue Ridge Encampment collection contains 29 folders in 3 box(es):
Folders are listed in alphabetical order.


Blue Ridge - Ad Flier and Proof in box 3
    disk (brochure on Publisher), letter to Jim Mankin from Joe Roberts, pictures, and proof for brochure

Blue Ridge 1952 in box 2
    poster for camp
    correspondence from A. R. Holton

Blue Ridge 1960 in box 2
    brochure for camp

Blue Ridge 1972 in box 2
    brochure for camp

Blue Ridge 1979 in box 2
    tape order form
    camp song by L. O. Sanderson
    schedule of events
    registration list

Blue Ridge 1982 in box 2
    brochures for camp
    songs for camp singing

Blue Ridge 1984 in box 2
    registration list

Blue Ridge 1985 in box 2
    registration list

Blue Ridge 1986 in box 2
    list of those registered and brochure

Blue Ridge 1987 in box 3
    letter from J.M. Powell to Jim Mankin
    letter from Jack Duty to Jim Mankin
    biographical information on Paul Southern
    advertisement poster for the camp - 3
    schedule - 1988
    Board meeting agenda - June 17, 1987
    Board of directors
    minutes of the board meeting - 1986
    letter to J.M Powell from Tom Jackson
    various Tom Jackson correspondence
    brochures for the camp - 3

Blue Ridge 1988 in box 3
    schedule of events
    food menu
    brochures for the camp
    bill for Blue Ridge Assembly, Inc.
    Letter from Tom Jackson to Blue Ridge Encampment Directors

Blue Ridge 1989 in box 3
    schedule of events
    food menu and map of camp
    letter to Jim Mankin from J.B. Henderson
    Letter from Robert Fields to Board Members
    letter from Don Humphrey to Jim Mankin
    order form for J.M Powell's The Cause We Plead
    Letter to Jim Mankin from J.M. Powell

Blue Ridge 1990 in box 3
    40th Anniversary Ribbon from the Gospel Advocate
    patch - Blue Ridge Encampment
    letter from Jim Mankin

Blue Ridge 1991 in box 3
    agenda, minutes, cost statement and other financial reports, schedule, newsletter, brochure

Blue Ridge 1992 in box 3
    picture of a family at camp 1992, newsletter, schedule of events and teachers, roster of people at camp, various letters (correspondence), brochures, advertisements, minutes and financial statements

Blue Ridge 1993 in box 3
    Florida Lifeline, Blue Ridge Update, various notes, roster of people, advertisement posters, brochures,

Blue Ridge 1994 in box 3
    roster, brochure for camp, Florida Lifeline, advertisements

Blue Ridge 1995 in box 3
    roster of people attending camp, Teen Program schedule, Young Children's Program, brochure, Blue Ridge Update

Blue Ridge 1996 in box 3
    roster of campers, Blue Ridge Update, speakers newsletter, schedule and information, conference agreement, brochures

Blue Ridge 1997 in box 3
    schedule and registration, roster, Teen and Twentysomething schedule, audio tapes order form, How Well Do You Know Blue Ridge, Evalution form

Blue Ridge 1998 in box 3
    Blue Ridge encampment mailer, Blue Ridge posters, Blue Ridge is full,

We have details of 40 item(s) in this folder.
    List of Participants
    1985 Program

We have details of 1 item(s) in this folder.
    Brochure for 2000 Blue Ridge Encampment

Blue Ridge Encampment Charter in box 2
    charter for the camp

Blue Ridge Master Mailing List in box 2
    letters from various people requesting information on Blue Ridge Encampment

Blue Ridge Misc. Information in box 2
    various correspondence, advertisements, and camp rosters

Minutes and Meetings in box 2
    minutes of meetings and information about Blue Ridge Encampment meetings

Photos in box 2
We have details of 37 item(s) in this folder.
    various photos from 1984
    picture of campers from August 3, 1956 in front of Robert E. Lee Hall

We have details of 22 item(s) in this folder.
    Photos of Blue Ridge Encampment, 1985