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100 Years of Afican Missions in box 6
    Reflection on Afican Missions by the Churches of Christ
    Stanley E. Granberg

1994 PAPERS (A-G) in box 2
    Papers by Michael F. Adams, Harold M. Best, Ethelyn Brecheen, Mark Black, Terry Briley, Robert T. Carpenter, Michael W. Casey, Paul Casner, Gary D. Collier and Brandon L. Fredenburg, David Fleer, Patrick H. Garner, Anna M. Griffith, Jerry Gross

1994 PAPERS (H-K) in box 2
    Papers by Harold Heie, John Mark Hicks, Martha Highfield, Ron Highfield (3 papers), Jeffrey Dale Hobbs, Ruth Jane Holmes, Herman W. Hughes, Norman Hughes, Richard T. Hughes, David M. Johnson, Tom Kloske

1994 PAPERS (L-Y) in box 2
    Papers by Thomas A. Langford, Steven S. Lemley, Abraham J. Malherbe, Gibby Monokoski, Ron Morgan, Michael S. Moore, Matt Morrison, Deborah L. Mueller, Roy Osborne, Bill Patterson, W. Bryce Roberson, Rick Rowland and David M. Lowry, Patrick E. Spencer and Mark L. Mullins, Paul Varner, Timothy M. Willis, Claudette Wilson, John F. Wilson, Jere E. Yates

1998 Papers (1) in box 4
    Brochure for 1998 Scholars Conference papers
    "The Role of a Religious Minority: Protestants in France to the Nineteenth Century" by Paul G. Randolph
    "From the Black Forest to the Nashville Bible School: The Conversion of Robert Henry Boll" by Hans Rollmann
    "A Study of Pre-Christian and Post-Christian Mythological Figures and Their Re-Interpretation for an Einsteinian Millennium" by Lawrence Fitzgerald III
    "Evangelism in the Third Millennium: Theological Perspectives" by Mark Love
    "R. H. Boll: Fundamentalist?" by Steve Wolfgang

1998 Papers (2) in box 4
    "An Underclass View of Churches" by Michael Landon
    "In Search of God's Signals: Arguing for God's Existence in a Secular and Post-Modern Culture" by Kevin Moore
    "The Kingdom in a Fallen World: The Rider on the White Horse in Revelation 6:2" by Terry Briley
    "The Practice of Adult Baptism By Immersion During the Reformation Era, 1525-1700" by Wes Harrison
    "Preaching Fulfilled Apocalyptic to a Skeptical Generation" by Ron Clark

1998 Papers (3) in box 4
    "A Theological Rationale for Christian Unity" by Blair J. Budai
    "The Vocational Missionary in the Twenty-First Century" by Stuart Jones
    "Alexander Campbell as Theologian and Political Theorist: An Examination of His Manifest Destiny Thesis" by S. Mont Whitson
    "R. H. Boll as a Writer and Editor" by Alex V. Wilson
    "Education as a Key to Godly Society: The Proposal of Alexander Campbell" by Keith Huey
    "Neither Militant nor Pacifist: R. H. Boll on War and Peace" by Michael W. Casey
    "Preaching in the Shadow of the Twenty-First Century" by G. Scot Crenshaw

1998 Papers (4) in box 4
    Computer discs containing each paper

1999 Papers (1) in box 4
    Computer Discs containing each paper

1999 Papers (2) in box 5
    "The New Mission: Challenges, Hindrances, and Opportunities in Aids Ministry" by Anna M. Griffith
    "A Study of Liberal, Neo-orthodox and Conservative Theologies of Time: (A Reinterpretation for an Einsteinian Millennium and Its Impact on the Evangelistic Mission of the Church in the 21st Century" by Lawrence Fitzgerlad III
    "How the 'Sect-to-Denomination' View of History Among Churches of Christ in the United States Influences Perceptions of Missions" by Flavil R. Yeakley, Jr.
    "The Mission Efforts of Robert and James Alexander Haldane" by Camille K. Dean
    "Aging Among Clergy Members: A Descriptive Analysis" by James L. Knapp
    "Church Planting as an Alternative to the Mega-Church" (no name on paper!)
    "The Mission Efforts of Asian Religions to the United States" by Duane McCampbell

1999 Papers (3) in box 5
    "Things That Have Made a Difference in Missions" by Howard W. Norton
    "A Missions-Mobilizing Church" by Gailyn Van Rheenen
    "Euthanasia of Mission or Partnership? Evaluating an Old Missiological Theory" by Monte B. Cox
    "The Rich and Poor in James: Implications for Institutionalized Partiality" by Duane Warden
    "Religion and Social Work Practice" by Van Dunk & Culp
    "What the Writers Should Have Done Better: A Case for the Resurrection of Jesus Based on Ancient Criticisms of the Resurrection Reports" by Russ Dudley

1999 Papers (4) in box 5
    "A Moral Economy for African Leadership: Reflections From the Past, Directions for the Future" by Stanley E. Granberg
    "A Lesson From the Glasites and Sandemanians on Evangelism" by Lynn A. McMillon
    "The Destiny of the Unevangelized People" by James and Richard Murphy
    "Romans 14:1-15:13: Paul's Approach to Missions in a Multi-Cultural Setting" by Stanley N. Helton
    "An Evaluation of the Use of English in Evangelizing Non-English-Speaking People" by Mark A. Blackwelder

1999 Papers (5) in box 5
    "Church Leadership Must Have a Vision of the Interneting Potential as a Church Ministry" by Edward R. Barels
    "Creationism and Churches of Christ" by J. S. Wolfgang
    "The Psalms as an Example of and Paradigm for Missions" by Michael Landon
    "The Gracious Separatist: Moral and Positive Law in the Theology of James A. Harding" by John Mark Hicks
    "The Eschatological Structure of James A. Harding's Theology" by John Mark Hicks
    "The Spirituality of James A. Harding and the Four Means of Grace" by Donald M. Kinder
    "Missions: The Next 25 Years" by Evertt W. Huffard
    "James A. Harding's Theology of the Indwelling Holy Spirit: Highlighted by His Discussion with Dr. J. C. Holloway" by Bobby Valentine

2001 Papers (1) in box 3
    Brochure: "Celebration 2001" including presentation abstracts
    "Globalization of Christian Higher Education: Mexico, Australia, and China" by William Adrian
    "The Postmodern World and the Integration of Learning and Faith Within Our Religious Heritage" by Frederick D. Aquino, Mark W. Hamilton, and R. Scott LaMascus

2001 Papers (2) in box 3
    "Social Concerns and the Faith-Informed Curriculum and Co-Curriculum" by Jonna Byars and Susan B. Green
    "Learning and Faith Through the Eyes of Our Heritage" by Douglas A. Foster
    "Americanism and Economics in Christian Higher Education" by Jeff Hassmann and Charles D. Van Eaton
    "Models for Christian Higher Education: A Review of How Various Religious Traditions Shape a Faith-Informed Curriculum and Co-Curriculum" by Richard T. Hughes

2001 Papers (3) in box 3
    "Service Learning in the Faith-Informed Curriculum and Co-Curriculum" by Ben and Nancy Hutchinson
    "Researching the Past, Reflecting on the Future: The Restoration Serials Index" by Erma Jean Loveland, Marsha Harper, Mark McCallon, and Melissa Johnson
    "Review and Discussion of The Crux of the Matter: Crisis, Tradition, and the Future of Churches of Christ" by Rick Marrs
    "Thinking Theologically and Philosophically About the Curriculum and Co-Curriculum: Vocation, Gender, and Media" by Rick Marrs
    "Christian Higher Education" by Prentice A. Meador
    "The Senior Blessing Retreat at Abilene Chrisitan University's College of Business Administration" by John Neill and Bill Fowler

2001 Papers (4) in box 3
    "Celebrating Early Christian Colleges: The Contributions of Alexander Campbell and Nimrod L. Clark" by Thomas Olbricht and Thomas A. Langford
    "Study Abroad and the Faith-Informed Curriculum and Co-Curriculum" by William B. Phillips
    "Missions, Preaching, and Congregations: Learning from the Past, Preparing for the Future of Churches of Christ" by Tim Sensing
    "Integrating Faith and Learning in Teacher Education: Perspectives and Practices" by John Sweeny and Jerry Whitworth
    "Not Far From the Kingdom: Pedagogical Conversion and the Teacher Testimonial" by Steve Weathers
    "Shaping the Minds and Hearts of Older, Adult Learners" by James R. Wilburn and Tracey S. Hebert
    "The Ship of Zion on Stormy Seas: Christian Higher Education in a Post-Christian World" by John F. Wilson

2002 Speakers and Topics in box 6
    Christian Scholars Conference
    Oklahoma Christian University

A Response to Dennis Durst and Rex Hamilton in box 6
    Carl F. Flynn

A Sweat-Stained Bible in box 6
    The Challenges of Poverty to the North American Church
    Michael Landon

A Theology of Providence in box 6
    A Theology of Providence With a Proper Understanding of Time
    Lawrence Fitzgerald III

American Studies and Campus Politics at ACC in box 6
    Jeff Hassmann

Assessment: Preparing Teachers in box 6
    Assessment: Preparing Teachers Our Children Deserve
    Harriett McQueen

Biblical Imagery: The Silent Partner in box 6
    Biblical Imagery in Elizabeth Stuart Phelp's Novel The Silent Partner
    Ronna Privett

BROCHURES in box 1
We have details of 1 item(s) in this folder.
    Brochures and programs from various years

C. S. Lewis Apologetic Theory in box 6
    Gary L. Tandy

    Information from 1997 meeting at ACU

Christian View of Science and Scripture in box 6
    A Harding University Senior Level Course Required of All Science and Math Majors, Part 1
    Bryce Roberson, Duane Werden, David Cole

Churches of Christ: Potential Contributions in box 6
    Churches of Christ: Potential Contributions to Legal Scholarship and Teaching
    Thomas G. Bost

CSC PAPERS INDEX 1981-87 in box 1
    Master list of Christian Scholars Conference Papers from 1981-87

Faith and Learning - Science and Religion in box 6
    Faith and Learning Through the Interface of Science and Religion: Topics, Students, and Methodologies
    Don England

    Papers from the First Christian Scholars Conference in July 1981:
    Casey, Michael "Journey in Faith: A History of the Christian Church"
    Floyd, Harvey "The Indwelling Apirit and Christian Weaknesses: Romans 8:26,27"
    Inman, Clifton "Inerrancy"
    James, Larry "Realizing Justice in Restoration"
    Jividen, Jimmy "Not Under Bondage"
    Kelcy, Raymond C. "Premillennialism"
    Lightfoot, Neil R. "Paul on Marriage and Divorce: I Corinthians 7:1-16"
    McCampbell, Duane "Recent Political Trends in Conservative Churches and the Restoration"
    McNicol, Allan J. "The Lesson of the Fig Tree in Mark 13:28-31: A Comparison Between Two Exegetical Methodologies"
    Mitchell, Lynn E. "Fundamentalism"
    Olbricht, Thomas H. "Religious Scholarship and the Restoration Movement"
    Priest, Gene "Introduction to the Old Testament as Scripture"
    Robinson, John "Crying in the Wilderness: A Biography of David Lipscomb"
    Siburt, Charles "Ministry in America"
    Thompson, James W. "New Testament Studies and the Restoration Movement"
    Watson, Paul "Why Should a Man Leave Home? Exegesis of Genesis 2:24"
    Wilson, Michael L. "Search for the Ancient Order, Volume III"

Harmony and Historiography in box 6
    A Comparison of Samuel-Kings and Chronicles
    Ron Bruner

I John and the Public Reading of Scripture in box 6
    Russ Dudrey

KCITI in box 6
    A Model for Teaching Technology in a Third World Urban Setting
    Charles Small, Brent Reeves, and Dan Pope

Mainstreaming of Alternative Spirituality - Brazil in box 6
    Robert T. Carpenter

Native American Views of Christianity in box 6
    Native American Views of Christianity In Louise Erdich and Dianne Glancy
    Merle K. Gatewood

Naturalism, Mathematics, and Religion in box 6
    Paul Morris

Openness of God in box 6
    Duane Warden

Perils of the Life of the Mind in box 6
    Perils of the Life of the Mind: Lessons From the German University
    Dr. William Adrian

Preaching to the Whole Church in box 6
    Using the Four Communication Styles Identified in Carl Jungs Theory of Psychological Types
    Flavil R. Yeakley

Schools, Scholars, and Students in box 6
    The Wisdom School Sitz Em Leben and Proverbs
    Ronald R. Clark, Jr.

Teaching Postmodern Literature in box 6
    Teaching Postmodern Literature in a Christian University
    Dr. Susan Blassingame

The Legitimacy of Christian Deception in box 6
    The Legitimacy of Christian Deception, Relating to Biblical Concept to Oscar Wilde's Theory of Lying
    Steve Weathers

The Quality of Mercy: The Merchant of Venice in box 6
    John Parker

Thinking in Sound in box 6
    A qualitative study of metaphors for pitch perception
    Kathy Thompson

To Motivate or Confuse in box 6
    The Effects of Application-Based Experiments in General Chemistry Laboratory
    Kim L. Pamplin and Cynthia Powell

Victory Outreach International in box 6
    A Case Study in Holistic Hispanic Ministry
    Daniel A. Rodriguez