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Sewell, Jesse P.

Sewell, Jesse P. collection contains 11 folders in 3 box(es):
Folders are listed in alphabetical order.


    Young People's Graded Studies by S. S. Lappin (13 different books)

    "Songs Children Like" (booklet)
    "Using Audio-Visuals in the Church" (booklet)
    "Children and Records" (booklet)
    "Books: for Children, for Leaders" (booklets; 1953, 1954, and 1955)
    "Third Series Work of the Standard Leadership Curriculum" (booklet)
    "Aim Your Activities at Teaching Religion" (booklet)

BIBLE STUDY AIDS (2) in box 1
    Bible Events 3:1 (booklet)
    Bible Biographies 1:1, 1:2 (booklets)
    Outline of the New Testament 7:1 (booklet)
    Outline of the Old Testament 4:1, 4:2 (booklets)
    Bible History 5:1 (booklet)
    Bible Characters 2:1 (booklet)

BIBLE STUDY AIDS (2) in box 2
    "Visualization of Bible Characters and Bible Teachings" (booklet)
    "The Weekday Church School" (booklet)
    "The Whole Picture: What Shall We Teach?" (pamphlet)
    "Planning the Church Camp for Juniors" (booklet)
    "Planning for Young Adults in the Church" (booklet)
    "For All Children Faith in God" (booklet)
    "Standard for the Beginners Development" (booklet)
    "Manual for High School Bible Study" (booklet)
    "The Workers' Manual" (booklet)
    "The Life of Christ" (booklet)
    "The Church Day Camp" (booklet)
    "Primary Series: Two Years' Course" by Guille Wallace Jackson (2 booklets)

BIBLE STUDY AIDS (3) in box 1
    "Studies in Christian Living" by James DeForest Murch (booklet)
    "Training for Personal Evangelism" by Traverce Harrison (booklet)
    "Guiding Intermediates in the Learning Process" by Genefrede Harris (booklet)
    "Plans and Materials for Seniors and Older Youth" (booklet)
    "International Standards in Religious Education" (booklet)
    "The New Standard Teacher Training Course" (booklet)
    "Plans and Materials for Administrators" (booklet)
    "Plans and Materials for Adult Leaders of Intermediates" (booklet)
    "Plans and Materials for Adults" (booklet)
    "Qualities of an Effective Leader" (pamphlet)
    "Six Months With Paul" parts I and II by Claude Carson Taylor (booklet)
    "The Fulfillment Years in Christian Education" (booklet)
    "The Letter of Paul to the Ephesians" (booklet)
    "Improving Your Teaching" by Frank M. McKibben (booklet)
    "Materials for Church Work with Junior High Boys and Girls" (booklet)
    "Effective Use of Audio Visual Resources in the Church" (booklet)
    "Christian Education for Adults" by Wilbur C. Parry (booklet)

BIBLE STUDY AIDS (3) in box 2
    Young People's Graded Studies by S. S. Lappin (11 different books)

BIBLE STUDY AIDS (4) in box 1
    "The Development of a Curriculum of Religious Education" (booklet)
    "My Pulpit" by W. W. Melton (booklet)
    "Home and Church Sharing in Christian Education" (booklet)
    "The Advanced Leadership Curriculum" (booklet)
    "What is a Christian College?" (booklet)
    "Teacher's Manual Bible Biographies" Book I
    "Teacher's Guide to the Organization and Adminitration of the Sunday School" by Arlo Ayres Brown (booklet)
    "Notebook to Accompany the Life of Christ" by Issac Bronson Burgess
    "Systematic Study of the Book of Acts" by Coleman Overby (booklet)
    "Studies in Acts" Part I by W. R. Walker
    "Systematic Study of the Life of Christ" by Coleman Overby (booklet)

    "Program Suggestions for Group Leaders" (booklet)
    "Leadership Education Handbook" (booklet)
    "The Standard Leadership Curriculum: First and Second Series Courses" (3 booklets)
    "Training Leaders for Your Church" (booklet)

    "Eternal Punishment" by Arthur Pink (booklet)
    "The Confession of Faith of the Presbyterian Church in the USA" (booklet)
    "From the Jordan to the Throne of Saul" by Chas. S. Medbury (booklet)
    "All Things New" (booklet)
    "Israel's Messiah; or, Why the Jews Reject Christ" by H. L. Hastings (booklet)
    "The Golden Rule Route in Enduring Prosperity" (booklet)
    "Bryan's Last Speech: The Most Powerful Argument Against Evolution Ever Made" (booklet)
    "Youth Action in the Use of Leisure Time" (booklet)
    "The Local Church and the Liquor Problem" (booklet)
    "Partnership With Christ" (booklet)
    "Highlights of Scripture: Parts I, II, and III" (booklets)

MISCELLANEOUS (2) in box 3
    Sermon Notes (Jan. 22, 1984)
    "The Realities of the Christian Religion" (booklet)
    "A Manual for Deans Who Administer Second Series Courses of the New Standard Leadership Curriculum" (booklet)
    "Growth in Christian Service" (booklet)
    "Church-Agency Relationships" (booklet)
    "Outlines on Bible History and the Church" (booklet)
    "The Bible and Missions" by C. S. Detweiler (booklet)
    "Improvement of Study Habits" by Edward S. Jones (booklet)
    "The First Series Courses of the Standard Leadership Curriculum" (booklet)
    "Enlisting and Developing Church Workers" (booklet)
    "Baptism and Remission" (booklet)
    "Go - Make Disciples" (booklet)
    "Acts: At the Point of a Question" by Delaware W. Scott (booklet)
    "The Church and the Handiacpped" (booklet)
    "Christianizing Your Community" (booklet)
    "Christian Youth and Christian Vocation" (booklet)
    "The Scroll" (booklet)

MISCELLANEOUS (3) in box 3
    Excerpts from 20th Century Christian on Victory Over Suffering
    "The Blood of Jesus Christ" (booklet)
    "Christian Education and the Alcohol Problem" (booklet)
    "Bible Readings for School and Home" (booklet)
    "Teaching Beginners" by Elizabeth McE. Shields (booklet)
    "God Has Spoken" (booklet)
    "Evangelism of Children" (booklet)
    "Dois-Je Renoncer A Ma Soutane?" (booklet)
    "Evolution and the Blood-Precipitation Test" by Arthur I. Brown (booklet)
    "Protestant Catechism" (booklet)
    "Science and Religion in a Nutshell" (booklet)
    "Your First Week Together" by George and Ruth Brown (booklet)
    " . . . And Gladly Serve" (booklet)
    "Looking at Learning" by J. L. Corzine (booklet)
    "Must Young People Believe in Evolution?" (booklet)