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Waldrop, Forrest

Waldrop, Forrest collection contains 50 folders in 6 box(es):
Folders are listed in alphabetical order.


Baptism in box 1
    various articles and notes on baptism

Bible Class Lessons in box 1
    various class lessons, some by Waldrop and some by others

Bible Correspondence Lessons in box 1
    Bible Correspondence Course
    The Christian Way
    Foundations of Faith
    Studies in the Bible
    What the Bible Says
    various other lessons under these titles - check box for list of topics

Bible, The in box 1
    articles on the Bible

Cassettes On Revelation in box 5
    by Forrest M. Waldrop

Charts in box 1
    various charts on assorted subjects

Chism, J. W. in box 6
    sermon outlines by J. W. Chism

Denominationalism in box 1
    notes, articles, lessons on denominationalism

Hear Promotion in box 2
    Waldrop at Minco, Oklahoma advertisement

Lords Supper, The in box 1
    articles and lessons on

Miscellaneous in box 1
    notes, articles, outlines, etc. various topics

Miscellaneous in box 6

Modern Sodomites in box 1
    various articles

Nichol, C. R. in box 6
    C. R. Nichols Notes

Notebook 1 in box 2
    Autobiography of Forrest Waldrop
    Good Books
    Gosel Meetings - Alphabetized list in box 2

Notebook 2 in box 2
    Bible Class Outlines

Palm Springs Drive Church of Christ in box 1
    bulletins 1975 - 1977

Perspectives in box 1
    1975 - 1981, 77th Street Church of Christ, Birmingham, AL

Pictures 1 in box 4
    Bethany College 1946
    Cane Ridge 1946
    Historic Cane Ridge 1946
    F. R. Waldrop 1946
    "Do A Christian's Sins Damn His Soul (4 photos)?"
    F. R. Waldrop at York Blvd. Church, Los Angelos, GA 1940-1941

Pictures 2 in box 4
    several pictures of an unknown house
    A. Campbell's Study
    Bust of A. Campbell
    Portrait of A. Campbell
    Portrait of Thomas Campbell
    Biblical Charts
    Portrait of B. W. Stone
    Man sitting in an armchair Abilene, TX
    Hear Waldrop meeting Ad.
    ACCU Puris Williams, Marvin Rowland, Alma Morgan
    John O'Dowd, 1943-1944 at Knott Berry's farm
    Forrest Waldrop and 3 members of a church somewhere
    Otis Gatewood with spouse and a child
    Ohio Valley, Fredericksburg, OH
    Bush Church of Christ
    East Liverpool, OH church of Christ 1946
    Whittle Ave. Church of Christ, Oakland, CA 1946-1948
    Richmond, CA. Harvey Childress Preacher at this time 1940-1941
    Richmond, CA
    Chickashaw, Oklahoma
    Church of Christ
    Whittle Ave. Church of Christ Preacher's home. Oakland, CA 1947-1948

Quotable Quotes in box 2

Radio Sermons in box 1
    Harvey Childress, Back to the Bible
    A. Hugh Clark
    V. E. Howard, Roman Catholicism vs. Freedom
    James D. Willeford

Revelation, Book of in box 1
    articles and notes and lessons

Roberson, Chas. H. in box 6

Sermon Outlines (Misc.) in box 2

Sermons 105-129 in box 3

Sermons 1-29 in box 3
    check folder for list of topics

Sermons 130-154 in box 3

Sermons 155-176 in box 3

Sermons 177-204 in box 3

Sermons 205-224 in box 3

Sermons 225-249 in box 3

Sermons 250-269 in box 3

Sermons 270-283 in box 3

Sermons 284-305 in box 3

Sermons 30-59 in box 3

Sermons 306-321 in box 3

Sermons 322-370 in box 3

Sermons 371-389 in box 3

Sermons 390-410 in box 3

Sermons 411-432 in box 3

Sermons 60-79 in box 3

Sermons 80-104 in box 3

Slides Box A in box 4
    Alexander Campbell's Home
    Charts and ACC Ads
    The Fish Net
    Forrest Lawn, MD
    Mars Hill Bible School
    Pepperdine College, L.A.

Slides Box B in box 4
    Boy-Girl Series - Boy Meets Girl

Slides Box C in box 4
    Boy dates Girl
    Boy marries Girl

Summit Avenue Sower in box 1
    1967 - 1974, St. Paul, MN

The Cooneyites or Go-Preachers in box 2
    a tract

Vanguard in box 1
    a couple of magazine from 1975

Wedding Vows in box 2
    David and Melanie McLendon