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Witt, Paul

Witt, Paul collection contains 8 folders in 1 box(es):
Folders are listed in alphabetical order.


BOOKLETS in box 1
    La Vida Cristiana
    Honroso sea en todos el matrimonio
    En esto pensad
    As a Christian
    Think on These Things

SERMONS in box 1
    Address to ACC Lectureship 1929
    Address by Jesse P. Serell to ACC Homecoming 1955
    Christian Education and Freedom
    A Challenge to Your Church
    Making God in Man's Image
    The Cross of Christ as Revealed in the Bible
    Man as Revealed in the Bible
    The Inescapable Christ
    A Resurrection Message or Concerning Resurrections
    Walking With God
    God Is

SERMONS (2) in box 1
    Introduction to a book of sermons
    The Procession of the gods
    What Must the Church Do to be Saved?
    Elders as Stewards
    Compulsions to Evangelism
    God's Challenge to Youth
    Youth in a Changing Age
    The Wages of Motherhood
    A Tribute to Mothers (written by Mrs. J. P. Sewell)

SERMONS (3) in box 1
    Our Abiding Sources of Strength
    The Hand of God in the Affairs of Men and of Nations
    Help From the Divine
    Evidences of Immortality and Eternal Life
    Thanking God
    Why Should God Bless America?
    The Father's Love
    The Faith of Noah
    Jesus Christ, the Hope of the World
    Him God Raised Up
    Why Preach?

SERMONS (4) in box 1
    Jesus Christ and Him Crucified
    What the Resurrection of Jesus Meant to His Disciples
    Christ Lives: Death is Dead
    The Sufferings of Jesus in Isaiah
    The Unchanging Christ in a Changing World
    Christ Loves to the Uttermost
    The New Testament Church and the Name of Jesus
    Church of Christ - Just What Do We Mean?
    Our Plea (Radio Sermon, April 3, 1927)
    Undenominational Christianity
    A Way that is Right and Cannot be Wrong

    "You and the Work of the Lord" (Adult Bible Class, 16th and Vine, 1970)
    "In the Things of My Father" (1961)
    "These Three" (1958)
    "Concerning Elders" (1958)

VARIOUS LESSONS (2) in box 1
    "With Them That Weep" - Thoughts, Suggestions, and Outlines Concerning Funerals
    "Possessing the Land; or, From Canaan to Christ" (1965)
    "Growing Up in Him" (1954)
    "Hebrews: Lesson Notes" (1966)

VARIOUS LESSONS (3) in box 1
    "In the House of God" (1958)
    "Your Own Salvation" (1966)
    "Journeying With Jesus: A Study in the Life of Christ"
    "Lessons Concerning the Christian Life" (prepared for Wed. evening studies, 5th and Highland, Summer 1939)