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Malone, Joe

Malone, Joe collection contains 22 folders in 5 box(es):
Folders are listed in alphabetical order.


Bear Valley Church of Christ, Bulletin in box 1
    Bear Valley Bulletin, no date

Books by Avon and David Malone in box 1
    Drawn In Christ (2), Drawn To Christ (2)

Cartoons in box 1
    various cartoons

Drawing For The Master # 13 in box 5
    Your Destiny

Drawing For the Master #1 and #2 in box 4
    The Old Man of Ecclesiastes
    The Righteous Shall Flourish Like the Palm Tree

Drawing For The Master #11 and #12 in box 5
    The 4 All's in the Great Commission
    The Christian Soldier

Drawing For The Master #3 and #4 in box 4
    The Righteous Shall Grow Like a Cedar in Lebanon
    The Twenty Third Psalm

Drawing For The Master #5 and #6 in box 4
    The Four Horsemen
    Lions in the Street

Drawing For The Master #7 and #8 in box 4
    Getting the Big Picture
    Success Comes in Cans

Drawing For The Master #9 and #10 in box 5
    The Prodigal Son
    Like in the Son

Drawings/ Sketches in box 1
    various drawings and cartoons

Gospel Glimpses in box 1
    bulletins for the Waukegan Church of Christ, 1960-1965

Lessons in box 1
    Then the End Cometh: Going the Last Mile of the Way, by Joe Malone
    A Women's Place in God's Plan, by Joe Malone
    The Christian Home, by Joe Malone
    The Holy Spirit: A Study in Five Lessons, by Joe Malone

Miscellaneous in box 1
    invitation to University Boulevard Church of Christ, Denver, CO
    advertisement for gospel meeting at Trail Lake Church of Christ, Battleboro, VT
    business card for Southside Church of Christ, Austin, TX
    N. B. Hardeman picture
    picture of family standing on the Bible

Newspapers and Clippings in box 1
    various newspaper clippings

Peak & Eastside Church of Christ - Dallas, TX in box 2
    bulletins 1947 - 1949

Pleasant Grove Church of Christ in box 2
    bulletins, 1979 -1982 (Dallas, TX)

Rhome Church of Christ - Bulletins in box 1
    bulletins from 1976 - 1978

The Christian Home in box 1
    tract by Mrs. Joe Malone

The Church in the First Century in box 1
    Lessons 1 - 13

Trail Lake Church of Christ in box 3
    The Trailblazer, Fort Worth, TX, bulletin, 1968-1971

Westside Church of Christ in box 3
    Midland, TX, The Westside Reminder, 1971-1976