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Morris, A. M.

Morris, A. M. collection contains 12 folders in 2 box(es):
Folders are listed in alphabetical order.


Correspondence in box 1
    letter to Charles Harlow from Eugene S. Smith
    letter from Lucille Harlow to Old Paths Book Club
    letter to A.M. Morris from R.H. Browning
    various other letters to and from A.M. Morris

Editorials in box 1
    editorials, by A. M. Morris

How To Read The Old Testament in box 1
    lessons by A.M. Morris

Journals in box 2
    May 24, 1890 - December 31, 1893
    January 1, 1894 - January 2, 1895
    January 1, 1869 - May 23, 1890

Memo Pad in box 2
    notes, letters, etc.

Memorandum books in box 2
    3 - each containing miscellaneous information: sermons, journal records, etc.

Miscellaneous in box 1
    The Scarlet Woman by I.M. Haldeman
    various notes
    various clippings
    A Plea for Unity among Churches of Christ by James DeForest Murch and Claud F. Witty
    journal with notes
    The Worlds' Greatest Secret by A. M. Morris
    Fighting To Death For The Bible - William Jennings Bryan (National Book Company)

PBA records of donation in box 2
    register, bound volume of Peoples Bible Advocate records of donation

Peoples Bible Advocate in box 1
    photocopies of various Peoples Bible Advocate issues

Sermon Notes in Alphabetical Order in box 1
    alphabetical folder of sermons

Sermon Notes in Scriptural Order in box 1
    assorted outlines, some OT and some NT

Untitled Sermons in box 1
    various untitled sermons