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Disciples of Christ

Disciples of Christ collection contains 5 folders in 1 box(es):
Folders are listed in alphabetical order.


DC Directory in box 1
    "A Directory of the Ministry of the Undenominational Fellowship of Christian Churches and Churches of Christ - 1967"

DC Historical Society 1 in box 1
    "We're History!", 1996-2001
    Issue of "Our Heritage"
    "Background of Division Disciples of Christ and Churches of Christ" (booklet)
    Pamphlets and brochures
    32nd Annual Report
    Peter Ainslie III, an inventory of his papers in the DoCHS
    "History in Stone and Stained Glass for the Thomas W. Phillips Memorial", Eva Jean Wrather
    One year plan, 1984-85

DC Historical Society 2 in box 1
    Newspaper article on the Historical Societies Museum
    Microfilm and Publications catalog 1986
    5 issues of "Discipliana" (Fall 1977, Winter 1984, Fall 1987, Spring 1988, Spring 1989)
    1995 Microfilm and publications catalog
    Pamphlets and brochures
    Microfilm and publications 1986 catalog
    Inventory of O.L. Hicks
    Information on the Bowen-Campbell House on Mansker's Creek in Goodlettsville, TN

DC History in box 1
    Coke Region Mission: 75th Anniversary Celebration
    "The Broncho that Would Not Be Broken", Perry E. Gresham
    "Background of Division: Disciples of Christ and Churches of Christ", Forrest F. Reed
    "The Sectional Origins of Churches of Christ", David Edwin Harrell (photocopy)
    Card with New's Year wish for 1928 written by Virtes Williams for members
    "Roots of the Modern Discipleship Movement" By Don Vinzant (Pulse 1988)
    "Early History of the Restoration Movement in California" by J. M. Powell (paper)
    "Christian Church seals accord with United Church of Christ" (from newspaper)
    "A Legacy Worth Preserving" (letter)
    History of Bellevue Christian Church pamphlet

DC Misc in box 1
    Tracts, Pamphlets and Booklets
    Church Bulletins and newsletters
    Newspaper and magazine clippings
    3 Issues of "In Common" (Spring 1999, Jan 2000, Summer 2001)
    Study Guide and Discussion Course by Vere Rogers (booklet)
    Music sheets
    The Eighth Peter Ainslie Lecture on Christian Unity (program) (Nov. 1989)
    Bellevue Christian Church Constitution and Bylaws
    Invitations to conferences
    5 issues of "Campbell Light" (Nov. 1987, July 1989, Nov. 1989, Feb. 1990, Nov. 1990)