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Witty, Claud F.

Witty, Claud F. collection contains 9 folders in 2 box(es):
Folders are listed in alphabetical order.


Debate on Instrumental Music in box 1
    Debate with Peyton H. Canary Jr. over instrumental music

Documents in box 2
    "What is the Unity Movement" (tract)
    "What Jesus Means to Me" (pamphlet)
    Postcard from J. W. McGarry (Dec. 16, 1907)
    "It is Time to Talk About Rome" (booklet)
    "A Plea For Unity Among Churches of Christ" (booklet)
    biography of Claud F. Witty by Alex Lindsay

Personal Writings 1 in box 1
    "Catacombs at Rome"
    "How Denominationalism was Doomed in One Town" by Benjamen Franklin
    "Thou Shalt be Missed, because Thy Seat Will be Empty" (sermon)

Personal Writings 2 in box 2
    "The Love of God"
    "Why They are in Hell"
    "The Outward Man and the Inward Man"
    "Christians Only"
    "My Life as a Book"
    "Parental Anxiety"
    "The Hittites, Sometimes Called Kheta" (sermon)
    "St. Catherines Convent, Mt. Siani"
    "Unexpected Proof"

Personal Writings 3 in box 2
    "The Seven Keys of Paradise"
    "Palestine, Canaan, The Holy Land: The Land of Promise."
    "Parental Anxiety"
    "In Tune with the Divine Will"
    "Unexpected Proof"
    "If I were not a Christian"
    "My Life as a Book"
    "The Measurement of a True Christian"
    "The Handwriting of the Almighty"

Sermons in box 1
    Sermons and sermon notes

Trip to the Holy Lands in box 1
    Personal papers/notes about trip
    Lessons prepared about the trip
    Newspaper clippings
    Journal of his Trip

Wittys Life in box 1
    Biography in Gospel Advocate for C.F.W.
    Newspaper clippings, Church bulletins and articles about C.F.W. life

Writings of Witty in box 1