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Personal Papers, Lemmons, Reuel, MANUSCRIPTS 1978 contains 51 item(s).

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    Reuel Lemmons, 10 pages-lengthy download, Manuscript
    A sermon manuscript on tongues and miracles.

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    Reuel Lemmons, Ladies Bible Class Era, 8 pages, Manuscript
    A lesson on women's roles.

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    Abilene, TX, Reuel Lemmons, Authority and Religion, 9 pages-LONG DOWNLOAD, Manuscript
    A sermon on authority.

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    April 26, 1978, Reuel Lemmons, The One Church, 8 pages, Manuscript

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    April 26, 1978, Baker Heights Church of Christ-Abilene, TX, Reuel Lemmons, 9 pages, Manuscript
    A sermon on instrumental music in the church.

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    April 28, 1978, Reuel Lemmons, The Thousand Year Reign, 7 pages, Manuscript
    A sermon on the thousand year reign.